Heath Meldrum

Heath Meldrum


Stand Up Paddler

What does your standard training week involve?
Stand Up Paddling 5-6 sessions per week, approx 1-2hrs per session. Xtraining with strength sessions and swimming in both pool and ocean. I also run on alternate afternoons.

Where is your favourite place to train?
As I live on the Mornington Peninsula I'm spoilt with amazing beaches and locations to train! I also frequent the Patterson River as it has plenty of canals to hide in if the weather turns nasty. This allows me to get on the water 99% of the time.

What is your favourite 2XU garment? When do you use it and why?
I really love using the UV arm guards as they protect from the sun and prevent slippery hands! Also MCS compression tights. I train, sleep and compete in them. In SUP your feet/legs donโ€™t move anywhere near as much as running etc, so they help with blood flow keeping them feeling lively, strong and recover well. Also thermal compression on cold mornings (living in Melbourne this is regularly!).

What is your favourite training accessory?
I use my GPS WATCH and H/R monitor religiously. Also a waterproof iPod as I love training with music!

What has been the toughest experience in your career and what did you learn from it?
My first world championships in Hawaii at the Molokai to Oahu in 2014. It's a gruelling 52km inter island ocean race that usually takes around 5-6hrs. It has extreme heat, massive ocean swells and even the odd shark!! It thought me so much about myself and what you can achieve if you train hard, put your mind to it and never give up!!

Whatโ€™s the most common training mistake you see on the circuit? Any suggestions on how to avoid it?
Not warming up and recovering properly. Getting to races/ training a little earlier to give yourself time to get your body ready! Have a pre planned warm up ready to go so you know exactly what your going to do when you arrive. Then you've finished make sure you have the correct recovery plan also with nutrition and of course compression. Recovery is the key to progression!

What motivates you to train and race harder?
The love of the sport and my family. Having amazing support from my beautiful wife Brodie and daughter Jessica drives me to make them proud!

Describe your diet/meal plan leading up to a big race:
I eat a lot of fish and organic veggies along with big whole food salads. I try not to change my diet too much in the lead up so as to not shock my body. However in the last few days I steadily increase my carbohydrate intake considerably to make sure my glycogen stores are full. I also concentrate on making sure I'm well hydrated with s balance of electrolytes.

How do you balance your training and racing life with life outside the sport?
Keeping s balance is difficult and a constant game of sacrifices and compromise. I work as an athlete preparation specialist in Motorsport for a V8 Supercar team (Lucas Dumbrell Motorsport) and a number of drivers through different categories. Also as a SUP coach and model for Chadwick Models. So things are always quite busy. So without an amazing and understanding wife it would be impossible!

What type of nutritional supplement do you find most helpful (either for training or competition)?
Electrolytes, Electrolytes, Electrolytes!!! Proper hydration is critical!!

In five years time, I'll be:
Still competing regularly and focusing on introducing and encouraging new people into the sport.


  • 4th AG World Championships Molokai2Oahu 2016 Unlimited div
  • 5th AG World Championships Molokai2Oahu 2017 Unlimited div
  • Multiple State Champion- Marathon and Technical disciplines
  • Multiple Great Ocean paddle 27km endurance race champion
  • Vic Open 12โ€™6 champion
  • Multiple Port Phillip cup champion