Introducing seven pro triathletes from six countries, with one shared finish line. Everyone stop what you are doing, and please be upstanding for BMC Tri - now powered by 2XU. With the finish line of Kona firmly in their sights, BMC Tri are sharing the on-going raw, visceral experience of their hustle for the ultimate prize. Follow their journey to Hawaii here as the team train, suffer, laugh, compete and cry together. This stuff is about to get real.


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109 wins since 2014, and counting.

With a collective desire to be the most successful long distance triathlon team in the world, each BMC Tri teamster has a pedigree that would normally be enough to secure bragging rights on any given field. But we all know reaching the pinnacle of Triathlon takes more than just turning up to a start line. In no particular order, meet the team.

  • 11/04/2021

    Challenge Shepperton

    Athlete(s) racing: Max

  • 11/04/2021

    Challenge Gran Canaria

    Athlete(s) racing: Pablo

  • 11/04/2021

    IRONMAN 70.3 North American Championship St. George

    Athlete(s) racing: Chris

  • 11/04/2021

    Challenge Riccione

    Athlete(s) racing: Pablo

  • 11/04/2021

    IRONMAN North American Championship Tulsa

    Athlete(s) racing: Chris, Kristian, Patrik, Katrina

  • 3/07/2021

    Ironman Lanzarote

    Athlete(s) racing: Patrik Nilsson, Kristian Hogenhaug

  • 4/07/2021

    Ironman UK

    Athlete(s) racing: Katrina Matthews

  • 4/07/2021

    Challenge Vansbro, Sweden

    Athlete(s) racing: Max Neumann

  • 07/08/21

    IRONMAN 70.30 Boulder

    Athlete(s) racing: Chelsea Soldaro

  • 22/08/21

    ironman Copenhagen

    Athlete(s) racing: Patrik Nilsson and Kristian Hogenhaug

  • 09/10.2021

    Ironman World Championships, Kona, Hawaii

    Athlete(s) racing: Max Neumann, Kristian Hogenhaug